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Brookgreen ETC Limited works with various partners in emerging technologies for renewable energy whose strategy is to reduce fossil fuel impacts by improving Combustion Efficiency and replacing fossil fuels with alternative ones with lower carbon footprint.

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Brookgreen ETC Ltd undertakes projects which present multiple economic and environmental benefits that would unlock the full potential of renewables and carbon-free energy solutions. We support various initiatives including Kenya BIG FOUR Action Plan, EURO 2020 Strategy, COP 21, among other sustainable development agendas, all of which defines an energy efficient future.

We have access to innovations that supports the Sustainable Development Goals strategy by promoting use of affordable and clean energy (SDG07), responsible consumption of resources (SDG12) and reducing carbon (CO) emissions (SDG13) among others.


These energy efficiency innovations are applicable to a wide range of internal combustion engines and industrial burners including rotary kilns, boilers, and furnaces. Our goal in collaboration with our partners is to deliver simple, reliable, and sustainable solutions especially in industrial sector.

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Applicable to processing, manufacturing, thermal plants, milling industries among other sectors. Our goal is to improve combustion efficiency and reduce dependence of imported fossil fuel products (petroleum and solid fossil fuels) and Biomass (firewood, sawdust, wood chips, coffee husks, macadamia shells, bagasse, etc).

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Brookgreen ETC Limited is the exclusive distributor and integrator of ULTIMATE POWER, Lda and UTIS who have aggressively invested in R&D focusing on solutions that increase combustion efficiency through injection of small amounts of Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) into the air transport system, which guarantees increased speed of combustion, improvement of productivity and reduction of CO emissions.


We are currently undertaking various projects across East Africa

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